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What is Deep Change?

Deep Change studies use the common values of our culture to put the Word of God to work in our hearts. The studies aim to help us understand how we can become practitioners of the Word, as James says in his letter, and take steps to change to become more like Christ, which is the will of God for us.

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01 Deep Change

Bible Studies on practical topics for church discussion groups

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02 Genesis

Understanding and applying the Book of Genesis in church study groups

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03 Youth

Practical discipleship studies for youth groups

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04 Women

Bible studies for women's discussion groups

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05 Matthew 18

Discussion Bible Studies from Matthew 18 on relationships in the church

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Begin Your Journey Today

The Deep Change journey begins in the church with our fellow-believers. We choose a topic (unit) from the five series. Then, as we sit together, we pray and discuss the individual studies, which build on one another to lead us through the topic. Finally, we put into practice what we have learned.