Our Philosophy

One of the distinguishing features of the land we live in is its rich variety of cultures. Although these cultures might seem quite different from one another, this cultural mosaic has many common values which emerge as we live together, linking us with one another. In particular, one common value we have is what is known as oral culture, which allows us to understand one another even when we only hint at something. As the Turkish proverb puts it, we understand “chickpea” without even needing to hear “chi…”. 

Applying the Word of God to our hearts

Deep Change studies use the common values of this cultural mosaic to put the Word of God to work in our hearts. The studies aim to work in such a way that we can understand what it means to be practitioners of the Word, as James says in his letter, and take steps to change to resemble Christ, which is God’s Will for us.

Many of us complain that we cannot put into practice what we read in God’s Word. We notice that we are still not making progress in areas such as gossip; lying; the fear of others; and judging others. We see that we do not adequately understand issues such as marriage relationships; using money; or shame.

A slow but healthy change and realisation

Deep Change studies take our culture into account. They aim to look in depth at the topics mentioned above and others like them, in a format which is suitable for small group discussion, resulting in slow but steady and healthy change, and a growth in understanding of these issues.

Each study deals with the chosen topic using materials such as pictures, songs, videos, thought-provoking stories, real-life scenarios, applications, and of course, doctrine and Bible study. It raises the awareness of the participants about the subject matter by using appropriate, open-ended questions to encourage them to express their thoughts on the topic. Research has shown that applied knowledge is much less likely to be forgotten. Therefore, Deep Change studies encourage participants to put into practice every truth they learn from the Word.

You can visit our website to take a look at our Bible Studies. Please note though, that our lessons are designed for the Turkish context and writtten in the Turkish language. We have used Google Translate to give some idea of the content, but because the translation is done automatically, it will contain grammar mistakes.

Begin Your Journey Today

The Deep Change journey begins in the church with our fellow-believers. We choose a topic (unit) from the five series. Then, as we sit together, we pray and discuss the individual studies, which build on one another to lead us through the topic. Finally, we put into practice what we have learned.