Who are we?

“Deep Change Lessons”

Living out out the message !

This country has the rare honor of being home to many cultures. But while these cultures seem different from each other in the process of living together the shared characteristics in this cultural rainbow come out and bind us together. Especially when we talk about orality we have found something which we all immediatly recognize as common to all of us.

The Deep Change lessons use these common denominators of the cultural mosaic aiming to make the Word of God penetrate into our hearts. As James says in his letter: “live out the message” we have the goal to facilitate steps towards a change of heart to the likeness of Christ according to the will of God by making the message understood.

Many of us regret that while we read the Word of God we often fail to put it into practice. Gossip, lie, fear of man, judging others are all themes where we often realize we haven’t made progress. In areas like marriage relationships, the use of money or shame we might see that we do not have the right understanding yet.

Deep Change lessons have been prepared taking into account our culture and are supposed to be worked through in small discussion groups. Going to the root of the above mentioned and other problems they progress to facilitate a slow but healthy change.

Each lesson uses materials like appropriate pictures, songs, videos; each lesson has a thoughtprovoking story, scenarios from real life, applications and of course a teaching and a bible study section. Questions in the lessons are designed to make the participants bring their own thoughts about the themes to the surface. This way they are brought to an awareness of their deep rooted notions. Many research studies have shown that
knowledge which is used practically is not forgotten. Therefore the Deep Change lessons encourage to put into practice everything learned from the Word.

Visit our website to use these lessons in small groups to experience deep change into the image of Christ which is the will of God. The lessons can be downloaded in the PDF format, the videos and songs referred to in the lesson are also directly accessible over this website.